Kison Patel - Empathy and Gratitude for Value Creation in M&A


November 29th, 2021

27 mins 26 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Ivan Estrada is joined by Kison Patel, an expert and leader in business M&A. In this episode, you will learn about Kison Patel's business journey, M&A 101, and the importance of disipline and empathy for entrepnuers.

Kison Patel is the founder and CEO of Deal Room and M&A Science, two brands with the goal of optimizing the M&A process with technology based solutions. Kison has also authored two books, M&A Tactics and Agile M&A, as well as host his own podcast M&A Science. Kison's mission is to revolutionize the M&A industry with science and data driven solutions to improve the current M&A process. Like Ivan has done, Kison is working on growing his personal brand to be the catalyst of growth for his two M&A companies, M&A science and Deal Room.

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