Ivan Estrada

Host of Brand With Podcast

Ivan Estrada is the CEO of his own Real Estate company, Ivan Estrada Properties, a CPA, and the CEO of his newest venture, Brand With, a branding and marketing ecosystem. He has been featured on networks such as, NBC, HGTV, and Bravo for his success as a Real Estate entrepreneur as well as having been mentioned in the LA Times, Forbes, and the New York Post. With his new venture, Ivan hopes to share the knowledge he has gained over the past 12+ years of video marketing as he wishes to provide others with this information he was never provided when he first got started. He, even more so, wants to be the prominent Latino figure that young Latino businessmen and women can look up to and resonate with. After overcoming intense hardships in his early twenties, Ivan got his life together and now hopes to be that Latino role model figure he never really had growing up. The Brand with Ecosystem is made of two components: Brand With Video, a video marketing course which he instructs, and Brand With Podcast, a podcast he host interviewing leaders in all major industries. The ecosystem already has plans for growth with the additional of new components to teach marketing and branding through other forms of media. With that all being said we would love to collaborate.

Ivan Estrada has hosted 15 Episodes.